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Meet our 2022 interns!

Published June 7, 2022
“They are both self-starters and are already producing great work.”

Reed Architecture and Interiors welcomes two summer interns, Cassidy Cecilia Teel and Joshua Helms. Both students expect to graduate from Oklahoma State University’s School of Architecture in December.


“We are excited to have Cassidy and Josh join our team,” said David Reed, principal and founder of Sapulpa-based Reed Architecture. “They are both self-starters and are already producing great work.”


Both interns expressed interest in sports and school architecture – two Reed Architecture strengths. The firm has completed 24 such projects in Oklahoma over the last 13 years, with several others under development or construction.


“I really enjoy educational projects,” said Helms. “I bring a unique perspective to those because I’m still in education and graduated from high school just a few years ago. I have firsthand experience on how those buildings impact learning.”

Reed Architecture also offers interns extensive experience in commercial, civic, religious, and recreational projects, all completed with Reed’s state-of-the-art design software.


“I love the sense of community at Reed,” said Teel. “It’s a very positive environment. And they’re very involved in Sapulpa, the growth of its schools, and the wellbeing of the students.”


Her architecture background started in middle school with her developing fascination in the arts. It grew as Teel watched her brother explore robotics, and her older sister shared her own student experiences in OSU’s architecture school. Teel tested the waters with an elective architecture course at Tulsa Union High School. Finding she enjoyed it, Teel chose to pursue that degree after her 2018 graduation.


“I like to design buildings that improve people’s lives,” she said. “Architecture can unite communities and give people inspiring places to fulfill their dreams.”


Helms’ interest in architecture developed after his 2016 graduation from Sapulpa High School. He looked first at computer sciences but wanted a career sporting more creativity. A week spent studying his uncle’s architectural practice led Helms to choose that path.


“There’s a part of me that’s always wanted to help people,” he said. “A good architectural design is a great way to do that.”

This marks the seventh straight year Reed Architecture has trained at least one summer intern.


“Cassidy and Josh fit great with our team,” said Reed. “They have great attitudes and talents, and I really appreciate their hearts for serving.”   

Joshua mug shot.jpeg
Joshua Helms
Cassidy mug shot 2.jpeg
Cassidy Cecilia Teel 
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