Tulsa Public Schools Hall of Fame
This 2014 Tula Public Schools project demonstrates how any part of a building may enhance an organization’s environment and culture. 

As part of its Service Center renovation, TPS set aside a first-floor office hallway junction for a new hall of fame, one honoring sports, band, cheer, and all other district extracurricular activities. The Sparks Reed staff modified the open office space, and added vibrant wall, floor and ceiling finishes and decor to develop character and streamline aesthetics. Specially designed graphics created dedicated spaces to honor hall of fame inductees and state champions, while six island display cases showed off historic memorabilia.

The Sparks Reed renovation also installed glass walls in neighboring offices, further enhancing its cheery environment. “The design captures the excitement, enthusiasm, and passion about extracurricular activities,” said David Reed, principal and co-founder of Sparks Reed. “It’s also given TPS a new place to show off their programs. Now they’ll do their press conferences there for new hall of fame inductees, or if they had an athlete announcing plans to attend a top college. It’s proven a valuable addition for the schools.”


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