Bryan Broaddrick

Project Architect

“With the work we do here, we have the opportunity to help bring people together.”


Sparks Reed Architecture and Interiors has hired project architect Bryan Broaddrick. This marks a personal goal for the 30-year-old architect, who developed his design interests in high school while pursuing another love, baseball. “I have always enjoyed attending sporting events and seeing the atmosphere generated inside these venues,” said Broaddrick, who graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2014. “It thrills me to be able to create spaces that give people that excitement.”

Past projects


      Gates Hardware Building, Tulsa, OK*

      University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, Village Center Dining and Community Commons*

      Jenks, OK, Public Schools, Central Campus Dining Hall

      Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX, Worth Hills Greek Village*

      Slim Chicken's Prototype*

      Hard Rock Hotel and Casino addition, Tulsa, OK*

Under construction

      Tulsa (OK) Public Schools

            Will Rogers College High and Junior High stadium

      Hard Rock Hotel and Casino exterior renovation, Tulsa, OK*

Construction document phase

      Tulsa, OK, Public Schools

            Central High School stadium

Projects with Master's Plan Church Design & Construction, Tulsa, OK

      First Baptist Church, Glen Rose, TX 

      Transformation Church, Tulsa, OK

*Previous firm

Getting to know Bryan:

“I took a couple of drafting classes in (Oologah, OK) high school, and that sparked my interest in architecture. The ability to represent three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional space fascinated me, and led me into this profession.”


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