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Renovation proves a family affair

Published May 7, 2020
Completion two to three weeks away
Don Reed, David Reed's father, works on the workstation walls

Few words prove as sentimental as “homecoming.” Whether arriving at a new home, returning home, or holding a special gathering at an old home, the word suggests affection, sanctuary, security, and remembrance.


Following two years of operating in temporary quarters due to Tulsa’s 2017 tornado strike, Sparks Reed Architecture and Interiors will finally get to enjoy its own homecoming this month as it moves into a 5,000-square-foot downtown Sapulpa office. Having acquired the 116-year-old structure in March, Sparks Reed principal David Reed expects to complete its makeover in two to three weeks.



“This renovation project has proven a real godsend for us,” said Reed. “A big part of why we did this was so that our team members could work alongside each other. They can talk to each other, bounce ideas off each other, without having to walk across the room. This will help get us back to our core function of being a studio design firm, in a home all our own.”


This may prove especially satisfying for Reed, who had a hands-on role in the renovation. Indeed, it proved something of a family affair over the last two months.


“My dad and I pretty much put all the walls up for the workstations as well as all the polygal walls,” said Reed. “My son has been very helpful in attaching the panels and putting up the white marker boards at each station. My wife and daughter have been helping out here as well. It’s been a very exciting and fun project for me and the family.”


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