In 1986 Gary Sparks started Gary Sparks Companies an architectural and interior design firm.  He changed the Company name to SPARKS, Inc in 2001.  At that time the firm began to specialize in building types that enhanced the Mind, Body and Spirit.  From 1986 through 2006 the company did over 70 educational and religious projects, 350 plus medical projects and over 30 sport/recreational projects.  In late 2006 he merged/sold the firm to Crafton Tull  to become Crafton Tull Sparks and stayed on until 2009 when he retired.

Several members of the Sparks Reed firm were a major part of the SPARKS firm, including David Reed, Jill Selman, Ivan Griffith, John Alig and Brandon Gee.  Much of the work we are showing and refer to on our web site was done by these individuals under the GSC or SPARKS name before it became CTS.  These projects are noted with an astrik.

We intend to be as clear as possible in giving credit to the individuals and firms that did the work.  If there are any questions please contact Gary Sparks.

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