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David Reed's Favorite Projects

Boone Pickens Stadium, Part 5

These photos courtesy Flintco

Part 5: A lasting impact

Not long after finishing this OSU project, Reed started his own architectural firm. Over the next 12 years, 10 of those with Gary Sparks as a partner, Reed Architecture and Interiors gained a strong reputation for designing quality athletic, educational, and spiritual buildings. Reed credits much of his success to his Boone Pickens Stadium experiences, which he applied to more than 20 civic, high school, and university sports projects, most of those multimillion-dollar stadiums and arenas.


“Having the opportunity to spend that much time in a program was invaluable,” Reed said of his Boone Pickens Stadium work. “Most projects don’t have that length of time in their schedule, as well as the budget, to be able to spend that kind of time researching and understanding the project. Every project we’ve been blessed with after that, we’re able to draw on those lessons and that understanding.”

Boone Pickens Stadium provided all that for Reed and more. 


The project gave David Reed the chance to work for a man who would become a partner, mentor, and close friend. It allowed Reed to help raise a striking landmark for his beloved alma mater, one that should provide lasting memories for generations to come. Phase 3 opened doors for Reed to make relationships with new clients and friends that he will treasure forever. And it helped Reed realize a dream he’d toyed with since entering the OSU architectural school. 


“It was all that and more,” said Reed. “As Gary would say, and I would agree with him, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Very exciting. And I’m happy to say that what we ended up with looks far better than what I could come up with in my first year of architecture school!”

David Reed worked on this project from 2005-09, while an employee of Sparks Sports

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