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One old saying goes like this: "People don't give to causes – they give to people with causes."

Our work has repeatedly demonstrated that truth by raising more than $500 million to fund client needs. That proves just one way we serve by design. It is our pleasure, passion, and purpose.

We achieved these goals through a five-step process:

1. Providing our clients with cost and time proposals to develop fundraising material.

2. Producing photo-realistic renderings, animations, and fundraising videos.


3. Presenting fundraising material to clients and/or their donors.


4. Helping clients define project costs.


5. Helping clients define the best project delivery method. 


Among our many tools, we have enjoyed particular success arming clients with useful materials to attract and enchant donors. These materials may include:

  • Sketches and renderings.


  • 3D animations and virtual reality environments.


  • Digital images, slideshows, and videos.


  • Postcards, letters, emails, posters, and brochures.


We may create and deliver all these elements to showcase your project's interior and exterior splendor. We may accent these with voiceovers, music, and film clips that embrace and enhance your vision and mission. The finished materials will capture your spirit and vitality. They motivate and create fans, boosters, ambassadors, evangelists.

Through their professional careers, our executives have helped more than 25 clients with their fundraising needs. They ranged from Oklahoma State University and the University of Central Oklahoma to the Wesley Foundation at OSU and Booker T. Washington High School. 


These past efforts and others show how our work will inspire giving whether prospective donors see and experience these materials in your presence or on their own. Our products not only tell your story in graphic wonder, they free you to focus on building and strengthening donor relationships. Indeed, by their very quality and message, our materials will make such ties for you. They will bring donors to your door.

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