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Jason Haslam

Project Manager

Reed Architecture1682.jpg

Jason Haslam became interested in architecture as a young child playing with his Legos and Erector set. But his first love in construction came with assembling remote-control airplanes, cars, and boats. Those tech-driven hobbies may have led his architectural interests into computer-aided design and 3D modeling systems. "When I was in (Del City) high school, I bought a computer so that I could do projects with 3D modeling," said Haslam. "When I went to OU, they had all the really expensive computers to do that, so that was the direction I went in college. It just so happened that I went to firms that needed that."


He appreciates how these systems help people grasp the potential benefits of a building design. "It's so much easier to relate to a picture or a model rather than sort through a complex set of construction documents. I enjoy being able to show people what the future can hold for them."


“The process is the prize… not the prints. Architects can’t become so enamored with their own paperwork that they forget that a successful building project is the final goal.”

Getting to know Jason:

"I spend the majority of my free time with my wife Devona and my kids and all of their school activities. I have three kids. Henry and Holly are twins at Sapulpa High School. Aiden is at Harding University."

Past projects

Haslam has worked on thousands of retail locations for Walmart, Lowe's, Kohls, Firestone, Sears, QuikTrip, Hobby Lobby, Toys R Us, and many other well-known brands. “Much of that was visualization work for the team that went out to interact with municipalities to gain approval for retail projects.”

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