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Jordan joins our team!

Published June 30, 2020
"She has a construction background and a servant's heart"

Reed Architecture and Interiors has hired intern architect Jordan Taylor Travis.


"Jordan is a great addition to our team," said Reed Architecture principal David Reed. "She has a construction background and a servant's heart."


Travis, a 2018 graduate of Oklahoma State University’s College of Architecture, has a special interest in church design – a growing specialty at Reed Architecture, in part through its business alliance with Tulsa’s Master’s Plan Church Design and Construction. That firm’s founder, Rodney James, recommended Travis check out Reed Architecture at

Jordan Travis.jpeg

“I liked the design work and the projects that they had on their website,” said Travis. “I really appreciated their motto, ‘Serve by Design,’ because I think that’s what I’m meant to do as a way to serve people and their community. That’s why I wanted to join this team.”


Travis desired a career in architecture since childhood. She grew up in a construction-oriented family, her parents employed as teachers in the field. 


“As a child, I would sketch floor plans of houses and kind of envision what they would look like,” said Travis, a 2013 graduate of Cushing, OK, High School. “I would construct little towns of Legos, Tinkertoys, and Lincoln Logs, using every little piece that I could find. We had this rug that had lots of lines on it, so I could create streets there and put my buildings along those lines.”


Church architecture aligns with her ministry interests. Her husband, also named Jordan, is a student pastor at the First Baptist Church of Bristow, OK. She helps him in numerous projects, within both the church and community. 

“That’s one of the things that drew me here,” Travis said of Reed Architecture. “Rodney told me that David was a Christian man who lived his faith. That’s who I wanted to work for – someone who stood by those Christian beliefs. Because of those beliefs, I knew that we would get along, that we would mesh well, and he proved that in our initial interview when we actually discussed our faith. I didn’t anticipate actually being able to discuss my faith during that interview! It was wonderful.”


Outside of work, the Travis family enjoys walking, hiking, and camping.


“I do a little bit of painting, as far as modern calligraphy painting,” she said. “I enjoy crocheting and other crafty things I think most architects do. And, to be honest, I’m the handy one in the house! I enjoy making shelves and desks. My husband, he’s not too good at that.”


Travis will soon begin pursuit of her architecture license, a process that takes three or more years.


"We are so excited to have Jordan join our team!" said Reed.


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