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Jun Robinson


Jun graduated from the University of Florida with a master's degree in architecture. Five years of undergraduate school in China and two years of graduate school in the United States offered her a unique perspective in her design. Before graduate school, she worked as an architectural designer for two years in Shanghai, China. Jun is currently on the path to pursue her architecture license. The earliest influence on her determination to pursue a career in architecture can be attributed to her father, a licensed architect in China. He also instilled in her the importance of professional values. Such an understanding was reinforced during the education, internship and work experience. 


"I am so grateful that I have been working at this company since 2018. I love the culture here and it has such a great team to work with!"

Past projects


     Bristow Hunt Club, Bristow, OK

     Putnam City Schools

           Putnam City West baseball stadium, Bethany, OK

           Putnam City West football stadium, Bethany, OK

     Tulsa, OK, Public Schools

          McLain High School of Science and Technology arena

     Huarun multicolored shopping center, Beijing, China (previous firm)

     Yintai City shopping center, Wuhu, China (previous firm)

     Yunjing Center office complexes, Beijing, China (previous firm)

Construction document phase

     Tulsa, OK, Public Schools

          East Central High School arena

Projects with Master's Plan Church Design & Construction, Tulsa, OK

     First Baptist Church, Glen Rose, TX

     Grace Community Church, Bartlesville, OK

     Providence Church, Albany, GA

Reed Architecture1691.jpg

Getting to know Jun:

"I love traveling. I have traveled to a lot of countries and cities around the world. I also enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter. Watching my daughter grow up makes me realize motherhood is the most rewarding job."

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