Kelli Bailey

“This company is in the middle of a pretty exciting growth spurt, I see that lasting a long, long time. David, Gary, and Jill have been very visionary in building Sparks Reed. I see the opportunities here just going out the roof.”

Director of Interiors

Sparks Reed Architecture and Interiors is pleased to announce the addition of Kelli Bailey to our team.  Kelli brings more than three decades of design and leadership experience to her new post. Since gaining her bachelors in interior design from Kansas State University in 1984, Bailey has started three firms, presided over Tulsa’s Matrix Architects, and served on the board of directors for several area nonprofits.

‘I love design,” said Bailey,  “I love building environments that help people feel good and work well and achieve results. If there was a secondary part to this, the icing on the cake, it would be working with people, motivated people, about doing what they’re doing, about design. Anything to do with people, I love.”


Getting to know Kelli:

“Even as a little kid, I was out there on the roof and in the house, painting and plumbing and working on things,” she said with a smile. “As early as eight years old,I loved the immediate transformation you can see by working hard to make things change aesthetically. That’s what got me into it.”