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Provide the best design services for projects based on the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Be the premier sports and recreation facility design team in Oklahoma.




Team. Trust. Respect. Fun. Joy.

Serve by design!

We prioritize the TEAM.

  • We believe architecture is a team sport where every player contributes to the success of the project.    

  • We depend on mutual respect, genuine trust, and honest communication to build the framework of a strong team.  

  • We utilize effective teamwork to deliver creative solutions that meet our client’s needs.  


We build TRUST.

  • We are talented and experienced professionals who earn the trust of our clients through superior service, commitment, and design.  

  • We trust in the abilities of our team members to deliver successful solutions that are in line with our client’s goals, vision, and resources 


We interact with RESPECT.

  • We respect one another, our clients, consultants, and contractors, valuing their experience, talents, and opinions. 

  • We understand that respect is gained and given. We aim to both earn and offer respect throughout every interaction.


We have FUN.

  • We welcome opportunities to have fun throughout our daily duties and use these interactions to strengthen our connectivity and build relationships.  

  • We strive to make the design and construction process fun for our clients, through their involvement in all phases of a project.


We aim to bring JOY.

  • We find great joy in our work and are passionate about creating successful and inspiring spaces for our clients. 

  • We are stewards of our communities who aim to bring joy through design, service, and solutions.

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