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Putnam City HS gymnasium

Slideshow compares Sparks Reed's dramatic redesign to the original layout

Like many basketball arenas of the 20th century, Putnam City High School used huge steel trusses to uphold the roof of its first gymnasium. Unlike its counterparts, the Warr Acres, OK, school covered those rafters with a second ceiling. These trusses remained hidden for 62 years before a redesign by Sparks Reed Architecture and Interiors removed that veil. That renovation, made reality by general contractor Flintco in 2019, also took out the gym’s court, seating (which served just one sideline), and lockers. Sparks Reed’s imaginative design replaced those old fixtures with a new basketball floor within an elevated bowl accommodating 600 fans split along both sidelines. “We had to rotate the court 90 degrees to allow for that,” said Sparks Reed co-founder and principal David Reed. This renovation gave PCHS new locker rooms, ticket booth, hospitality suite, broadcast platforms, and concessions stand. Sparks Reed completed this revision by adding a 10,000-square-foot entryway. Its attractive atrium included a 270-person safe room and a new store area.

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