The Reed Way



Before we begin designing your project, we want to understand your goals. We do this by asking questions about what is important to you concerning design, function, budget, etc. Then we LISTEN to your responses and incorporate your ideas into the project.


After we have a clear understanding of your goals, budget, and schedule, we can begin to EXPLORE the options available to you for your project. Our passion is to develop a design that accomplishes all of your goals and, at the same time, is a one-of-a-kind facility. There is something about the design that makes it very special, probably a solution no one else would have thought of. 


When we complete a project, it is always our hope that our clients will say, "I am glad we selected Reed Architecture and Interiors to design our facility." It is our desire for you to join our list of clients who are excited about their buildings. We want you to tell everyone that we LISTENED to you, we EXPLORED your options, and we definitely EXCEEDED your expectations. We are the team that you can TRUST. 

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