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Rhonda Gerrior

Chief Financial Officer

Reed Architecture1678.jpg

I try to do all the different things that the architects need to get projects out the door. I’ve got the best relationship with David. I know his heart, so it streamlines conversation. It makes it easier to focus on reaching our firm’s goals. And I love learning new things. My job is different every day; there’s always new things to learn. As soon as I master one skill, I learn another. I’m taking classes to obtain my certified management accountant credential. 

Getting to know Rhonda:

I like riding the Tulsa trails. I do that every day that I can. I participated in the Tulsa Tough ride this year! It was a great challenge, and a lot of fun! I also enjoy going to my kids' events. For the last several years I’ve been that support mom, active in their organizations: BA Tigettes, BA Pride, PTA, Girl Scouts.

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