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Check out our Texas office!

Published March 7, 2023
“Our new office allows us to keep one of our most trusted and respected team members, and it opens the door to all sorts of opportunities.”

Reed Architecture and Interiors has opened an office in San Antonio.


“It’s a huge win for us,” said David Reed, founder and principal of the Sapulpa firm. “Our new office allows us to keep one of our most trusted and respected team members, and it opens the door to all sorts of opportunities.”


This expansion started with intern architect Jun Robinson’s move to the Lone Star State. Her husband took a new job there last year.


“We love Jun,” said Reed. “She’s been with us for over five years, and we wanted her to stay a part of our team. And if we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that people can be very productive in a remote setting. We have the tools and technology to keep them plugged in as part of the team wherever they are.”

Robinson, who joined the Reed team in the fall of 2017, said her family has enjoyed the transition to San Antonio.


“My family had a smooth move,” said Robinson. “I’m glad I can rejoin the team and keep contributing to the firm. I have enjoyed working with David for the past five years. COVID taught me how to handle and be efficient while remote working.” 


Reed Architecture has several projects developing in Texas through its partnership with Master’s Plan Church Design and Construction of Tulsa. David Reed, who is licensed to practice architecture south of the Red River, said the new San Antonio office may help his firm stay on top of existing work while opening the door to new opportunities.


“It’s like a whole other country down there,” he said.


Robinson pointed to educational architecture as a prime opportunity. Reed Architecture has enjoyed great success in that area, landing multiple contracts with school districts in Sapulpa, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Bethany, and Kellyville.

“Many people have moved into Texas the last few years,” said Robinson. “The need of the Texas schools to keep up with that growth opens many opportunities.”


Jun Robinson

Net domestic migration in Texas averaged 108,000 people a year from 2000 to 2021, while international migration averaged 83,000, according to a November report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.


“It’s the main reason the population grew from less than 21 million in 2000 to almost 30 million in 2022,” said the report.


While he also saw that potential, David Reed put more emphasis on retaining Jun.


“In our industry, talent is everything,” he said. “When you have good people, you want to do everything you can to continue that working relationship. This sets a good precedent. As other team members find their spouses taking new jobs, we want to continue to find opportunities for them to stay plugged into our team.”

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