Tyler Sappington

"Try to live by the Golden Rule."

Project Architect

Sparks Reed Architecture and Interiors is pleased to announce the addition of Tyler Sappington to our team. Tyler brings to Sparks Reed an in-depth knowledge of three-dimensional printing and milling, a skill he also shares with Tulsa’s Fab Lab as an advisory committee member and volunteer. Developments in this emerging field fuel his bullish outlook on the industry’s future.


“With all the advancements in technology, there are great things on the horizon not just from a computer drawing and modeling standpoint, but also in construction,” said Sappington. “I’m really excited about the new materials coming out, and what can be done there. VR (virtual reality) also has a lot of potential from a project delivery standpoint.”



Getting to know Tyler:

“I like building stuff. We have an old Tudor-style house that I like to work on. I also work on model building in my spare time. I work on CNC monograms on the side."