Wesley Foundation



When the Wesley Foundation realized that they needed to replace their existing building they turned to Sparks Reed.  Gary Sparks has been involved with the Wesley Foundation since his time at school at OSU.  


The existing building is out-dated and no longer serves the functions that the client required.  Situated just south of the great lawn, and perched on a small hill, the building’s two ‘lanterns’ at the entry will serve as a beacon to students all over campus.  At night, two powerful, color-changing LED’s placed at the bottom of the lanterns will make them glow.  


The ministry relates to opening up the church to the public, so floor to ceiling windows were necessary along with an open and inviting design.  


In today’s culture, bright, vibrant colors, unique textures and finishes, and high-tech features (including lights) are almost required to reach out to the youth.  However, thought had to be given to the building to the buildings life-span.  With that, areas that are difficult to change (building structure, exterior finishes, site design) were designed to be current, but not ‘trendy’.  Areas that are easily changed (flooring, wall paint, furniture, lighting, etc.) can be updated with minimal expense as design trends change.  This duality allows the building to stay modern on the inside and timeless on the exterior.



Coffee Shop (with kitchen)

Student gathering / lounge spaces

Catering kitchen large enough to serve 400 people

Public Restrooms

Worship Space for 300 incorporating views of campus

Counseling offices

Administration offices