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Gather your support base. 

Before starting any project, circle your wagons and bring together everyone needed to make this a reality. Cutting corners here often leads to failure. 

A good support base should include every resource required to complete all seven steps. Assembling that base starts with those who oversee the programs this building project will serve, and the staff that will oversee it. Then expand your base to include the architects who will design it, the contractors that will build it, the backers who will fund it, the consumers that will give it life, and the voices who will sell this project to the masses. Gathering a strong, united support base is imperative to getting any construction project off the ground.

"I have seen too many examples of projects run by competing camps," said David Reed, a principal and co-founder of Reed Architecture and Interiors. "The client in one camp, the contractor in another camp, and the design team split up into smaller camps, all fighting each other throughout the project. This is not the secret to a successful project but, instead, an unhappy client."

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