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Establish a clear goal.

Create this by determining your immediate and long-term needs.

Survey your support base to create a complete project goal everyone may endorse. This may include secondary goals.

Here are some points to consider: 

  •  Exactly what do you need now? What will you need later? What must the stadium/office/church/etc. include now to best prepare for what will be needed later?

  • What is the best facility location for both today and tomorrow?

  • When must construction be completed?

  • What is the cost of what you want? For what you need?

Do not fret over small details to be worked out later. Focus on a unifying concept: a landmark that satisfies your immediate and long-term needs in a way that moves everyone who sees it. No cookie-cutter solutions here! Give your facility a unique character that embraces your past, yet inspires your future.

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