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We appreciate our clients' support!

"He’s always patient when we need to make changes"

"David Reed’s a great guy. David’s always willing to listen to other ideas, even after he’s put everything on paper, and he’s always patient when we need to make changes. It’s always great to work with David Reed. He’s a top-notch guy and first-class all the way."

– Mick Wilson,

Director of athletics,

Tulsa (OK) Public Schools

East Central High School arena, Tulsa, OK
McLain High School arena, Tulsa, OK

"It's a beautiful facility"

“It’s a beautiful facility aesthetically, but also functionally. The design, the way it’s structured, makes it very clear that the designers knew what a sports facility is used for and why it needs to have the components it has and how it’s used by players and coaches and participants and people who come to cheer on teams.” 

– Dr. Deborah Gist, superintendent of schools, Tulsa (OK) Public Schools, discussing the McLain High School arena

"A firm that listens to ideas"

“We appreciate the professionalism and cooperative spirit of David Reed of Reed Architecture and Interiors. When we were looking for just the right architectural firm for our athletic facilities, we chose Spark Reed because of their expertise. More recently, we have chosen David for our new arena at PC West. It has been important to us to find an architectural firm with expertise and with experience in designing related facilities. Plus, we desire a firm that listens to ideas and works well with our school leadership. We are honored to recommend Reed.”

– Dr. Fred Rhodes, superintendent, Putnam City Schools, Oklahoma City

main view (1).png
Rendering, Putnam City West HS arena 
Collins Stadium, Sapulpa (OK) High School

"Highly recommend"

"We hired Reed Architecture and Interiors to design and renovate Collins Stadium and design our new soccer and track complex. They are extremely detail-oriented and always gave us options to choose from while valuing our ideas and opinions. Our relationship has remained steadfast and we would highly recommend Reed Architecture and Interiors services."

Rob Armstrong,

superintendent of schools, Sapulpa (OK) Public Schools

"A great experience"

"Working with David Reed of Reed Architects was a great experience from the beginning planning stages through the completion of the four projects that he designed for Kellyville Schools.  David designs beautiful, functional facilities that will stand the test of time.  David was always willing to listen to any suggestions that I had regarding building design and proved himself to be a competent problem solver if issues arose.  The best endorsement that I can provide for Reed Architects is that I will quickly hire them again should Kellyville Schools build again in the future."

– Joe Pierce, superintendent of schools, Kellyville (OK) Public Schools

Kellyville (OK) Event Center
Exterior View 1.jpg
Rendering, East Central High School arena

"They've just treated me like family"

“Every interaction I’ve had with those guys, they’ve just treated me like family. It’s very professional and relaxed. They’re very understanding about our needs because of their history and experience. I just really liked working with these guys!” 

– Mike Crase, principal, East Central High School, Tulsa, OK

"More than just an architectural firm"

"The team at Reed Architects is more than just an architectural firm, they are partners with us serving our clients across the nation. It is a joy to know that we can provide our design/build services with confidence having their entire staff as a part of our team!"

- Rodney C. James, president of Master's Plan Church Design and Construction  of Tulsa, which partnered with Reed Architecture on Trinity Baptist Church and other projects

Rendering closeup JPG.jpg
Rendering, Trinity Baptist Church
Putnam City West High School football st
PC West football stadium, Bethany, OK

"A wonderful job"

"David Reed and his whole team, they've done a wonderful job. They respond quickly, they're willing to work with us, and they listen to new ideas. They work with the contractor and customer to get a job done and completed as soon as possible."

– Mike Nessman, superintendent, Globe Construction, the general contractor on the Putnam City West High School football and baseball stadiums

"They truly involved us, the patron, in the design process"

 “I know that, when we were working with Sparks Reed, they truly involved us, the patron, in the design process. They listened to us. I have friends in other school districts that said that wasn’t the case for them. Their architects came in and said, ‘This is what you need,’ or ‘This is the way it’s going to be,’ and you had little to do with the input. They did what the architectural firm was comfortable with, as opposed to Sparks Reed, where they let us use our own ideas. They found out basically what we wanted and then helped us to develop that to the finished product, and that was fabulous.”

– Robert Sprague, former athletic director for Tulsa Memorial High School, who worked with Sparks Reed to develop and build Memorial’s Veterans Arena

Memorial Veterans Arena, Tulsa, OK
Interior, Kellyville (OK) Pre-K Building

"They knew what worked and didn't work"

“They have done several of these. That really impressed us. They knew what worked and didn’t work.” 

– John Tuttle, president of the Kellyville (OK) Public Schools,

on why the school board chose Sparks Reed to design its new arena, pre-K building, and agricultural building

"An outstanding job"

"David and his team did an outstanding job in taking an outdated facility and giving it new life.  They are great to work with and responded quickly to every issue that came up during a complicated renovation project.  They did such a great job, we hired them to do two more stores for us." 

– Keith Haney, general manager, Classic Chevrolet

97.1 The Sports Animal - Jim Glover Chevrolet -
Classic Chevrolet, Owasso, OK

"Proud of what we see"

"We, the Booker T. Washington staff and alums, are proud of what we see. Thanks for all the improvements in our new arena."

– Mike Mims, assistant principal, Booker T. Washington High School

Booker T. Washington High School, Tulsa, OK

"An excellent job"

“Our business was growing, we had a desire to expand and help more children. We wanted to make sure when those kids drove by they were able to see the fun that was going on inside. We had a pretty strong vision of what we wanted, but didn’t really know how to get there. The team at Sparks Reed did an excellent job of thinking outside the box, listening to us, addressing our concerns, implementing our ideas. I would recommend the Sparks Reed team for a number of reasons. They were good at identifying areas that we could save some money and ways that we could refocus that money to our design. The biggest impact, we see a tremendous influx of new patients since we worked with Sparks Reed and designed this new addition. We’ve even won some awards from the Tulsa Builders Association for our design and creativity.”

– Evan Clothier, dentist, Super Smiles, Broken Arrow, OK

97.1 The Sports Animal - Evan Clothier -
Super Smiles, Broken Arrow, OK
First Baptist Church photo.jpg
First Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK

"Surpassed our wildest dreams"

“…we needed somebody to come in and take an old structure and do something new and creative and innovative with that…the team at Sparks Reed not only met our expectations, but surpassed our wildest dreams. They brought their creative element to it…at the front of our worship center now our screens disappear when we want them to disappear and arches that are new and contemporary yet also match the traditional feel of this almost a century old building…that capacity to bring the old and new together in a way that is nothing less than art is brilliant. We continue to be grateful for the team at Sparks Reed.”

– Deron Spoo, lead pastor, First Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK

97.1 The Sports Animal - Deron Spoo -

"A first-class organization"

"It has been a pleasure to work with the staff at Sparks Reed over the past several years on many projects.  I have found them to be honest and people of integrity.  The company is genuine with core values that start at the top and run strong throughout the entire organization.  Their ability to model with renderings and video animation has been a great asset to our clients in their fundraising efforts!  They are a first-class organization!" 

– Charlie Daniels, founder/CEO of Daniels & Daniels Construction Inc.

Daniels and Daniels Construction
Rendering, UCO softball stadium

"A dependable set of tools"

“From beginning to end, athletic construction projects can be complex. Thank goodness for the team at Sparks Reed. They understand the business of college athletics and their designs reflect the unique components of college programs. For those wanting to make a difference with facilities, they have a dependable set of tools.”

– Joseph Muller, former UCO athletic director, who worked with Sparks Reed on several projects

"Very impressive"

"It was amazing to see how one person, David Reed, was able to step into the role of senior project manager (September 2007) and make a difference. It was incredible, the impact one person had on a $180 million project (one phase of the Boone Pickens Stadium construction project). His ability to work with the construction team and client to advance the project and help everyone work together was very impressive."

– Dave Kollmann, division president, Flintco

David Reed
Edison Preparatory Athletic Center, Tulsa

"A rare find"

“I’m a big fan of David Reed. First of all, he is low-ego, low-arrogance, which is always appreciated. He listens to the client. A lot of things naturally are preplanned by the way of renderings or the way things are voted on in the bond issue. He was great at looking at how he could make adjustments within the budget to try to accommodate programmatic requests or some functional design changes or just make use of extra space. It was fun to work with him. He would talk in layman’s terms and he would listen and really try to make it a cooperative project. David’s a rare find!” 

– Derrick Schmidt, principal of Thomas Edison Preparatory Middle and High School from 2011-16. Reed Architecture designed that Tulsa (OK) Public School’s athletic center, which was completed in 2012.

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