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“They (Sparks Reed) were innovative problem-solvers. They took some things that were obstacles and turned them into opportunities.”

Cecil Bowles, chief operating officer, Putnam City Schools, Oklahoma City

“It’s a beautiful facility aesthetically, but also functionally. The design, the way it’s structured, makes it very clear that the designers knew what a sports facility is used for and why it needs to have the components it has and how it’s used by players and coaches and participants and people who come to cheer on teams.” 

- Dr. Deborah Gist, superintendent of schools, Tulsa (OK) Public Schools, discussing the McLain High School arena, designed by Sparks Reed

“They have done several of these. That really impressed us. They knew what worked and didn’t work.” 

– John Tuttle, vice president of the Kellyville (OK) Public Schools, on why the school board chose Sparks Reed to design its new arena, pre-K building, and agricultural building

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"David and his team did an outstanding job in taking an outdated facility and giving it new life.  They are great to work with and responded quickly to every issue that came up during a complicated renovation project.  They did such a great job, we hired them to do two more stores for us." 


- Keith Haney, general manager, Classic Chevrolet

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“Our business was growing, we had a desire to expand and help more children. We wanted to make sure when those kids drove by they were able to see the fun that was going on inside. We had a pretty strong vision of what we wanted, but didn’t really know how to get there. The team at Sparks Reed did an excellent job of thinking outside the box, listening to us, addressing our concerns, implementing our ideas. I would recommend the Sparks Reed team for a number of reasons. They were good at identifying areas that we could save some money and ways that we could refocus that money to our design. The biggest impact, we see a tremendous influx of new patients since we worked with Sparks Reed and designed this new addition. We’ve even won some awards from the Tulsa Builders Association for our design and creativity.”


-Evan Clothier, dentist, Super Smiles, Broken Arrow, OK

"We, the Booker T. Washington staff and alums, are proud of what we see. Thanks for all the improvements in our new arena."


- Mike Mims, assistant principal, BTW HS


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“…we needed somebody to come in and take an old structure and do something new and creative and innovative with that…the team at Sparks Reed not only met our expectations, but surpassed our wildest dreams. They brought their creative element to it…at the front of our worship center now our screens disappear when we want them to disappear and arches that are new and contemporary yet also match the traditional feel of this almost a century old building…that capacity to bring the old and new together in a way that is nothing less than art is brilliant. We continue to be grateful for the team at Sparks Reed.”


-Deron Spoo, Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church

"We greatly appreciate the time that Sparks Reed took at the beginning of our project to understand our needs, and how our business functions and then turn that information into a space that works efficiently, looks beautiful, and highlights our business."


- Tracy Poole, CEO, New Gulf Resources

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“We passed the largest bond election in the history of Sapulpa Public Schools last fall. Our community felt very strongly about first class sports facilities, the shining jewel being a stand-alone soccer and track, a football stadium remodel, tennis courts, and softball. Sparks Reed is going to help us do that. It’s remarkable when you see what they’ve done and when you see the kinds of things that they can do. They probe with the right kinds of questions, they help us understand what the budgetary restrictions are, they produce something that not only meets our needs, but fits the project plan as well. When other superintendents and other people have asked us who we are using and I’ve already told them, you need to contact Sparks Reed. They understand exactly what your needs are and they understand what the needs of other Tulsa area schools really are.”


-Kevin Burr, Superintendent, Sapulpa Public Schools

"Winston Churchill stated, 'We shape our building.  Thereafter they shape us.'  This is true for Oklahoma State University Athletics - The staff at Sparks Reed help create the vision for OSU athletics to have best-in-class facilities serving coaches, players, administration, alumni and fans.  The result:  Annual operating budget doubled from $31M to $62M.  New facilities helped teams achieve championships and allowed the school to set multiple records in attendance, season tickets and national prominence."

- Craig Clemons, Associate Athletic Director

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“Gary’s team designed our bank headquarters at 86th and Garnett. We were familiar with Gary because we finance a lot of churches and Gary’s team has designed a lot of churches in Tulsa. Being an Oklahoma State fan I was familiar with Gary’s work at Gallagher-Iba and Boone Picken Stadium so it was clear that they were the ones we wanted to go with. One of the things you want to convey as a financial institution is strength, so we wanted a building designed with solid masonry and it conveys that it’s strong, it’s financially stable. Gary’s team understood that and designed it that way. So if you want someone that listens to what you want and then tries to design that as opposed to designing what they want it makes for a great relationship.”


-Dee Sokolosky, First Bank of Owasso

"It has been a pleasure to work with the staff at Sparks Reed over the past several years on many projects.  I have found them to be honest and people of integrity.  The company is genuine with core values that start at the top and run strong throughout the entire organization.  Their ability to model with renderings and video animation has been a great asset to our clients in their fundraising efforts!  They are a first class organization!" 

- Charlie Daniels, Founder/CEO of Daniels & Daniels Construction, Inc.

“From beginning to end, athletic construction projects can be complex. Thank goodness for the team at Sparks Reed. They understand the business of college athletics and their designs reflect the unique components of college programs. For those wanting to make a difference with facilities, they have a dependable set of tools.”


- Joseph Muller

"I have had the pleasure of visiting many wonderful football facilities in my years of covering college football.  But one that left an amazing impression on me is Oklahoma State's Gallagher-Iba Arena and Boone Pickens Stadium.   From the locker room to the meeting rooms, the weight room & training facilities, as well as the inspirational photos and quotes lining the walls ...everything is top notch, and I would expect nothing less from the Cowboys!"  


- Jenn Brown, sports broadcaster

"The thing about Boone Pickens Stadium: The press box is on the same level as the 39 suites and 3,500 club suites.  All I can tell you is that I've been in some skeevy press box bathrooms. Oklahoma State's is the only one where I thought I was in a country club." 


- Ivan Maisel, ESPN

"It was amazing to see how one person, David Reed, was able to step into the role of senior project manager (September 2007) and make a difference. It was incredible, the impact one person had on a $180 million project. His ability to work with the construction team and client to advance the project and help everyone work together was very impressive."


- Dave Kollmann

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