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Meet our 2023 summer interns!

Published June 29, 2023

Addison Hagar and Tim McCracken

Reed Architecture and Interiors will train four summer interns this year. Two hail from the Oklahoma State University School of Architecture, one from the University of Oklahoma Gibbs College of Architecture, and one from Tulsa Union Public Schools.


“We’ve never had a summer team like this one,” said Reed Architecture founder and principal David Reed. “This marks the eighth straight year we’ve trained at least one summer intern, the first time we’ve had four, and the first time we’ve had one from OU and the high school ranks. It’s been interesting!”


Addison Hagar, from OSU, will work at Reed Architecture throughout the summer. Tim McCracken, also from OSU, will serve the firm through June, then finish the summer interning with 360 Engineering Group in Oklahoma City. Zachary Dysinger will work at Reed Architecture through July 14 under an AIA Eastern Oklahoma internship program for high school students. Ryan Walker, of OU, will start his summer work on July 5.


“Luckily, our office provides plenty of space for these additional hands,” said Reed, whose firm moved into its Sapulpa headquarters three years ago. “This building has proven a tremendous blessing in so many ways!”

Hagar, a 2020 Wellston (OK) High School graduate, developed her architectural interests early on.


“I grew up in a construction environment,” said Hagar, who just finished her third year at OSU. “My father and uncle are both carpenters. Being a hands-on person, I got involved in everything. As I grew older, I wanted to experience the design side of it as well.”


McCracken enjoyed similar experiences through his father, a civil engineer.

“I’ve always been kind of engineering-focused,” said McCracken, who studied that subject at Francis Tuttle Technology Center while homeschooling in Edmond, OK. “But later on, I became interested in architecture, finding I enjoyed the artistic side of design. So, I’m doing a double major in architecture and architectural engineering. It’s a good bridge between art and math and science.”


Dysinger, who will enter his senior year at Tulsa Union Public Schools this fall, was led into architecture studies through his engineering program. While he has enjoyed his experiences at Reed Architecture, he plans to pursue a mechanical engineering degree at Texas Tech University.


“You go through a design process either way,” he said. “In architecture, you work on bigger projects than in mechanical engineering, which often involves a bunch of smaller projects where you’re always changing tasks, changing levels. I like that constantly changing atmosphere.”

While residential design appeals to Hagar, she is uncertain what architectural area she will focus on. She appreciates Reed Architecture’s background in educational and religious projects.


“I’d like to work for someone for probably five to 15 years and get that experience,” she said of her career plans. “After that, I want to start a design-build company with my husband, Alec. He’s an electrician, and he works for an uncle who’s an electrician. We have a lot of subcontractors in our family, so hopefully we can generate a lot of business for everyone!”


With two majors on his agenda, McCracken continues to weigh options for his future. He expects this summer’s dual internship to help, having already drawn benefits from serving Reed Architecture.


“It’s been enlightening, seeing how different every project is,” he said. “They’re not just cookie-cutter efforts. They’re designing each project in a way that’s creative, affordable, and practical. I really appreciate that.”


Reed looks forward to working with Walker.


“Addison, Tim, and Zach have benefitted our team in many ways,” said Reed. “They all have great attitudes and talents, and I really appreciate their hearts for serving.”    


Addison Hagar


Tim McCracken


Zach Dysinger

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