Our Story

Reed Architecture and Interiors started in 2011 as Sparks Reed Architecture and Interiors. Cofounders Gary Sparks, David Reed, and Jill Selman brought a strong track record to the firm, their landmark designs ranging from churches and memorials to commercial buildings and sports facilities. Our firm built on that tradition. 


Several Tulsa and Oklahoma City area high schools boast of SR-designed stadiums and arenas. Oral Roberts University and the University of Central Oklahoma tout fields and support structures bearing our designs. Multiple Tulsa area automotive dealerships attribute their efficient, sparkling showrooms to our firm's skills. Other Sparks Reed highlights range from corporate headquarters renovations and public park plans to law offices, sports bars, and a dentist office designed around "tube world." 


Our team takes great pride in coming up with creative solutions to what others consider complicated problems. We see them as opportunities. Check out these cases in point that you may read about on our website: Boone Pickens Stadium, Putnam City High School's "old gym" renovation, Putnam City West High School's football stadium, and our new office, a 116-year-old building that started as a horse stable. Our design team achieves these successes by listening to client needs and desires, studying their operations, and crafting efficient, cost-effective designs that embrace both long-lasting goals and rich traditions. 


By delivering what a client needs in order to become the very best they can be, our firm's principals completed large and small public and private projects totaling more than $700 million, with many, many more underway. 


The year 2020 brought several significant changes. In February, our firm's leadership decided to move to Sapulpa, OK., buying and renovating a downtown building that suited our needs. Gary Sparks' April retirement led our firm to adopt its new name: Reed Architecture and Interiors.

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