What we bring to the table

Attention to detail. The easy way to complete any contract is to act on the first idea that fits a situation. That’s not our style. At Reed Architecture, we’re passionate about our designs, profession, and integrity. We research, discuss, sketch, draw, and fine-tune each master plan and individual project to meet your needs. We freely repeat this process as necessary to make sure you’re well served both today and tomorrow. The result is a building that you and your community will take pride in for years to come.

Work ethic. You’ll never hear the words “good enough” come from our lips. To succeed at anything, you must go beyond what’s acceptable or normal. That anchors our vision at Reed Architecture. 


Experience. No matter the type of project, whether new construction or renovation, Reed Architecture offers an extensive history of answering each and every challenge. Its founders and principals bring a track record of innovative architecture and design to each project. Through their careers, these talented pros successfully completed more than $1 billion in contracts. Often this resulted in cost-effective solutions that met a client's budget needs while exceeding both their original conceptions and groomed expectations.


Performance. Each client seeks to build and maintain the best possible environments for its residents, workers, or visitors. Buildings play a crucial role in helping everyone safely perform at their best level to reach their full potential. This parallels our mission, for the better we do our job, the better you can do yours. That's why Reed Architecture prides itself on delivering budget-maximizing designs that exceed client goals. We go over each and every detail to make sure you get exactly what you want and need. 


Teamwork. Reed Architecture shares its business ethics with each project participant, building that spirit of hard work, trust, comradery, and confidence throughout the process. For when we do our part, and we draw the same commitment from all others, we will all achieve great things.

Examples from our past

Boone Pickens Stadium, Oklahoma State University. In the days before Sparks Reed and Reed Architecture, our founders worked with hundreds of individuals, organizations, administrators, coaches, regents, city officials, and donors in planning, designing, fundraising, and building this OSU landmark. Our executives provided property evaluations of every athletic building on that campus. Our presentations and meetings required hundreds of descriptive products ranging from renderings and slide shows to pamphlets and models. 

Public schools. Projects for the Tulsa Public Schools, Kellyville Public Schools, Putnam City Public Schools, and other districts demonstrated our ability to shepherd everything from master plan needs to early design sketches and bond issue public presentations. Work samples include Memorial Veterans Arena (below), the Edison Preparatory Athletic Center, and the Nathan E. Harris Field House, all in Tulsa, OK.

Churches. Our experience working with spiritual stakeholders ranges from design concepts through construction. The Wesley Foundation at OSU (below) is but one example.

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