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Adriana Broaddrick

Director of Interior Design

Reed Architecture1730.jpg

Growing up, I was always drawn to architecture that incorporated interior and exterior spaces. One of my favorite places that truly got me inspired was the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex in Caracas, Venezuela. It is peace of art and very entertaining to visit. Inspired by that, I was able to focus my college education on interior design and learn about landscape design to be able to fulfill the desire of merging exterior and interior spaces in a tasteful way. My overall goal in every project is to make a very happy client and I hope that with my educational background and past life experiences as well as inspirations would allow me to make every client a happy one.

Getting to know Adriana:

I enjoy spending time outdoors. Like going camping, visiting national monuments, visiting historic sites. I like getting to know the United States in general. This country has so many beautiful places to visit. I like rock climbing, playing ping pong, playing soccer, snowboarding, fishing. Peach is my favorite fruit.

Past projects

With other firms

     Kingston High School, Kingston, NY

     Williams Village Center Dining & Community Commons, Boulder, CO

     University Commons at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Ok

     Byram High School Auditorium, Armonk, NY

     Grand Old Post Office (GOPO) Student Housing – OSUIT. Okmulgee, OK

     Village Alpine Valley – University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO

     Roaring Fork Dining Hall – University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO

     Peck School Renovation for Kindergarten, Lower School, Upper School and new Dining Hall facility, Morristown, NJ

     Pickleman’s Sandwich Shop, Stillwater, Ok

     Woodland Acres Baptist Church, Tulsa, Ok

     The Mission Church, Owasso, Ok

     AIM High Academy Renovation, Tulsa, Ok

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