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Evergreen Academy plots August launch

Published April 4, 2024
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Evergreen Church Operations Manager Jerry Voris (left)  looks over the construction of a 54,800-square-foot addition that will house Evergreen Academy. With him stand Reed Architecture team members Nicollette West (left), Brandon Gee, and Cassidy Teel.

Evergreen Academy is accepting student applications to launch its inaugural classes this fall. Dr. Jeff Keeney, Head of School, is working to achieve state accreditation as this affiliate of Bixby’s Evergreen Church prepares to begin kindergarten through third-grade instruction in August.


“We intend to add a new grade each year until we have progressed all the way through high school,” said Keeney, who joined the Evergreen Academy staff in July 2023. 


The school will open in a 54,800-square-foot addition designed by Reed Architecture and Interiors for use by both the church and academy. Evergreen Church Operations Manager Jerry Voris expects Tulsa general contractor Lowry Construction Services to complete the project by May. 


“That’s the next part in our vision, to start the academy on the second floor of that building,” said Voris. “Within two years, we hope to have the academy operating in its own buildings.”

Reed Architecture is designing the first of those structures, a two-story facility Keeney hopes to open in the 2025-26 school year.


“It will have six classrooms on the first floor and a multipurpose room where classes such as music and art will take place,” said Nicollette West, an interior designer with Sapulpa, OK-based Reed Architecture. “The second floor will be reserved for the academy’s future growth.”


Founder and Senior Pastor Michael Gabbert started Evergreen Church in 1999 with a vision of launching this academy. 


“You can read about it at our website,,” noted Keeney. “Our vision statement captures our intent: to cultivate and develop serious followers of Jesus Christ, students educated with excellence, prepared to excel in their calling with the goal of advancing the kingdom of God through Christian impact and influence. 


“We are committed to equipping students with more than just math, science, and English skills,” he explained. “In our curriculum, the Bible holds a central place, serving as a cornerstone for fostering Biblical understanding and nurturing the development of a Biblical worldview in our students. With a deliberate focus on this foundation, our aim is to guide students in perceiving every facet of life through the perspective of God's wisdom and guidance.”


Evergreen Academy will open with four full- and two part-time instructors alongside its administrative staff. 

Dr. Jeff Keeney, Evergreen Academy Head of School

"I am truly amazed by the godly men and women whom the Lord has brought to us,” said Keeney. “These teachers and staff members are deeply committed to their calling within the Evergreen Academy family, and they are poised to make a significant impact on students through their guidance and mentorship."


With the student application process newly begun, Keeney has no enrollment projections. Like Evergreen Church, the academy may draw students from across metropolitan Tulsa. Its 10301 East 111th St. South address lends itself to Bixby, Broken Arrow, and south Tulsa families.


Both Voris and Keeney expect the Reed Architecture designs to help them achieve early success.


“I think the building they’re completing is fantastic,” said Keeney. “It’s laid out well, with four classrooms on the second floor that can each hold up to 22 students. It’s a very functional design that is also aesthetically pleasing.”

Evergreen Church Operations Manager Jerry Voris (left) discusses ongoing construction with Reed Architecture Interior Designer Nicollette West

David Reed, founder and principal of Reed Architecture, looked forward to helping Evergreen Academy grow alongside the church. 


“Evergreen Church is a perfect example of the importance of developing a master plan with 20+ year goals in mind,” said Reed. 


The church’s long-term vision extends beyond its worship center and academy to a retirement village, prayer retreat, and family recreational amenities.


“They have done an amazing job of following the footprints of the master plan and have the flexibility to adapt to meet the church's needs in each phase,” said Reed, who has served Evergreen Church since 2005 with the design of phase 1 and its overall master plan. “We are so grateful to be a part of Evergreen Church and now Evergreen Academy.”

You may learn more about Evergreen Academy and its online admission process at or by calling 918-923-3433.


For details about Evergreen Church, call (918) 369-6400 or check out


Reed Architecture and Interiors is a full-service architecture and interior design firm with extensive experience in athletic, educational, civic, commercial, and religious projects. To learn more about this Historic Downtown Sapulpa company, check out or call David Reed at (918) 884-6007.


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