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Stephen Earnest

QA/QC Coordinator

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Getting to know Stephen:

I spend time away from the office doing whatever new adventure comes my way. I am an avid gardener and spend many hours doing yard yoga. I am also a dedicated quiet trail bicyclist. Tulsa has some great trails. I'm a certified scuba diver and when I'm not doing any of those things I spend many happy hours with my granddaughters in New Mexico. I have done some community charitable events. I volunteered some architectural volunteer hours for the Tulsa Mental Health Association on a downtown housing project.


My role at Reed Architecture as the quality assurance/quality control coordinator fulfills and allows me to do the work I love. I am amidst career professionals who aspire every day to provide our clients with our best efforts, creating exciting solutions to their project needs with enthusiasm and care. I am given the task to utilize my many years of experience to assure we provide the utmost quality for every client every day and deliver projects on time, in budget, and worthy of our collective efforts. I embrace that role and look forward to every project as another opportunity to be a part of it.

My work experience is vast. I started as a draftsman in 1962, working for the New Mexico Highway Department’s road division. I then served in several architectural offices before obtaining my New Mexico license in 1973. I worked on countless schools, commercial, medical, and high-end custom residential projects. In 1999 I closed my Santa Fe office and moved to Tulsa. I worked again on a vast number of projects, including education, commercial, medical, and sports venues until the present day.

Projects of note

Education facilities      

      Huntington Beach, CA

            Edison High School

            Fountain Valley High School

            Marina High School

            Westminster High School

      Perris (CA) Elementary Schools

      Tulsa, OK, area public school education facilities:



            Broken Arrow






      Tulsa, OK, area public schools sports venues:

            Jenks High School football facility

            McLain High School of Science and Technology sports facility

            Owasso High School football facility

            Union Schools Multipurpose Activity Center

            Union Schools football facility

Tulsa, OK, area health facilities




      St. John

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
      Boone Pickens Stadium Phase I

      Boone Pickens Stadium Phase II

      Lewis Field


      Asbury United Methodist Church, Tusa, OK

      Broken Arrow (OK) Assembly of God

      Evergreen Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, OK

      First Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK

      First Baptist Church, Owasso, OK

Historic preservation

      Coleman Theatre, Miami, OK

      Colonial Fox Theater, Pittsburg, KS

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